Sponsor Activations

Engaging the Audience

At Hero Level Productions, I worked with our team to develop custom solutions that allowed brands to not only reach, but also engage with their target audiences. From social media campaigns to live chat voting during the broadcast, I have managed numerous HLP campaigns that helped brands engage with fans in real time.

Integrating Brands

Working with our in-house producers, talent, designers, and post-production team, I have crafted and coordinated numerous campaigns working with a wide variety of brands to develop unique product integrations that felt organic and were well received by viewers. Examples of integrations included:

  • Product integration on set
  • Soft touch interstitials
  • Product focused feature segments
  • Title branding of evergreen interest pieces
  • Fan submission contests utilizing product or slogan

Directing the Audience

In the instances below, I asked online viewers of our WGLNA broadcasts what they were most excited for or what they had learned from the broadcast. The best tweets and comments were then shared in the broadcast via a lower third overlay, thereby teaching fans what they needed to do if they wanted to have their 15 seconds of fame, causing a tidal wave of responses.

Philips Norelco Campaign

Often, how to best integrate a non-endemic product into a broadcast isn’t immediately clear. However, at the WCS 2013 Season 3 Finals in Toronto, I was asked to develop a multi-faceted integration solution for Philips Norelco.

Asked to build upon product’s tagline of, “one tool, any style,” I was given one day to plan, pitch, and implement the campaign. It was a smashing success.

Drawing upon the tagline, I developed a social media campaign that encouraged fans to tweet in photos of their multi-purpose cheerfuls (posters), as well as other photos of the event.
Additionally, I coordinated a special Monobattle themed show match (wherein competitors only have one unit), that gave the brand a natural integration into one of the most viewed hours of the broadcast.

Kingston HyperX Memory Campaign

At multiple North American Star League events, I activated thousands of live attendees for Kingston HyperX, a primary sponsor.

To make the activations memorable, I utilized a play on words wherein fans were asked what their “favorite Kingston HyperX Memory” was.

To maximize the reach of the activations, fans were asked to share their answers via photos on Twitter which tagged both NASL and Kingston HyperX.

The result? Countless fans tweeted photos following the instructions provided, and hundreds of thousands saw the conversation via the stream and on social media.

Eizo Monitors

For over two years, I managed HLP’s campaign to help Eizo gain valuable brand awareness within the eSports audience.

To give Eizo’s premium monitors credibility among hardcore RTS gamers, HLP produced a video segment featuring a professional gamer and caster alongside a visual effects artists, touting the benefits and performance of Eizo monitors.

With the audience now trusting the Eizo brand, we worked with Eizo to create consumer desire by offering a limited edition supply of monitors that were autographed by the top players and casters in StarCraft and Heroes of Newerth.

I then began a long term social media campaign promoting the advantages of having multiple Eizo monitors and driving social envagement through giveaways.