July 6, 2016

No Mandate

Just breathe. Meditate. Love and truth need no mandate. Let go. Just create.
May 30, 2016

No Strainer

Safety in number Assurance in light Truth is a tumbler No strainer in sight
July 9, 2014

Divine Lancer

Looking for an answer A way to break the skin Neither scout nor lancer Can pierce the lies within Looking for a reason A way to […]
July 9, 2014

Damned Feather

Bow your head and chew your feather Tie your pride and spite together Kiss your fate and knot your tether Blame yourself for your damned weather […]
March 9, 2014


/Wave a true poet from birth and a nerd to the core for whatever it’s worth I implore you: read more a bachelors in comm at […]
March 4, 2014

A Weary Road

A Weary Road What a weary road ahead Twists and turns of dreams undead Miles and miles of steps to dread Still I stand and perched […]
March 2, 2014

Your Time Machine

Your Time Machine please trust me with your time machine and crank the dial, set it back just trust my goals are not obscene I merely […]
February 24, 2014

Hollow Growth

Hollow Growth A single point So small and fine Until it grows And breaks the line A single hole So small inside Until it grows And […]
February 23, 2014


Echo you’re an echo of your past while my song is yet a hum and the shadows that you cast are mere footprints for my drum […]