Kon Plushie Backpack

There are people who may suggest you can own too many plushies. There are also people who may argue that you can own too many backpacks. However, I question the authenticity of the childhood of anyone who can immunize themselves from the charm of a plushie backpack.

After all, just look at this plushie Kon backpack. For those who may be unfamiliar, Kon is a mod soul in the series Bleach. He’s a walking, talking stuffed animal, and he is mine. Well, this replica is.

The interesting thing about this plushie is that, unlike most plushies you can purchase for characters you admire, is that it is actually made of the same physical substance as the character itself: fluff. Granted, it’s missing a perverted soul that craves womanly affections. Nevertheless, it’s unbearably adorable.

For those looking to shop for it, I will warn you now that this plushie backpack went for $24 to $26 at nearly every booth at Anime Expo in Los Angeles this year. Only one booth had the misfortune of accidentally quoting me $16 due to a duplicate price tag, which I of course pounced upon. Kon isn’t the cheapest of plushie backpacks, but he is definitely worth it, particularly considering how utterly appropriate this commercialized rendition is.

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