As a Ping authorized fitting account, Primus Golf Academy is home of a Ping 2011 Interchangeable Iron-Fitting Cart. Equipped with a wider range of components, the new cart gives Primus Golf club fitters more readily available fitting options, thereby making the custom club fitting process streamlined for golfers.  In fact, the cart provides up to 300 custom-fitting possibilities.

As part of the Ping fitting cart at Primus Golf Academy, our custom club fitters can analyze how a golfer’s individual color code might change when the shaft length of the golf club is adjusted.  This information streamlines the fitting process while making it more accurate than ever before. As always, all fittings in the Primus Fitting Studio utilize state of the art technology to ensure a truly VIP fitting experience. Utilizing TrackMan launch monitors, the number one launch monitor trusted by the PGA, golfers can be rest assured that the fitting they receive at Primus Golf Academy is second to none.

The custom club fitters at Primus Golf Academy look forward to giving many custom club fittings at the Primus Fitting Studio in the upcoming months as Ping’s new spring 2011 line is fully released. To book a fitting, please call (951) 696-4499.

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