The Famous NomNom Truck

Nom. Saturday morning is here, and so are reruns of the Great American Food Truck Race on the Food Network.  To be honest, even the first airs feel like reruns for 1 reason: the NomNom Truck. Serving Vietnamese sandwiches out of their food truck, the NomNom truck has devoured the competition week by week. With only one episode left, will the gluttony continue?

There are two possibilities here:  boredom or injustice.

Assuming the trend continues, the monolith NomNom will live up to its expectations and nom the competition in the grand finale. The most deserving truck will win, and justice will continue in the universe. All will be well, and we will all be able to sleep at night. In fact, we may fall asleep before the final credits roll in sheer boredom as you could have seen this coming since the first few episodes.

Now, if hell froze over and the devil started giving free sleigh rights, NomNom may self destruct and begin nomming itself into a spiral of self destruction, leaving room for Grill Em All to win. Would it be a twist? Yes. Would it be unexpected? Definitely. Would it be good for ratings? Of course? Would it be a complete injustice and send my remote into a channel-changing tizzy? Without a doubt.

Alas, will NomNom deliver a yawn-worthy victory, or will they disappoint?

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