As forecasted, Obama announced today that he has chosen Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State. There has been much debate about this selection, and it has been quite engaging.

I must admit, I was at first apprehensive about Obama’s decision. After all, Hillary and Obama most assuredly did not agree with foreign policy matters during the primary season. Also, one must question the purity of any of her political motives.

However, what do we truly want from our President? Do we want someone who surrounds himself with people who agree with him? I think not. Look where that has gotten us the last 8 years.

Conversely, some have argued that reviving too many faces from the Clinton 90s would not bring about the promised change of the Obama administration.

Yet, I remain confident there will be change. Had Obama selected Hillary for Education or Healthcare, then perhaps the worries of him resurrecting the 90s and surrounding himself with blind followers would be warranted. Instead, he has selected a political heavy weight for a position which will nearly guarantee he is faced with strong opposing viewpoints on a daily basis.

And, if you ask me, it takes that kind of perspective to make the right decisions in our toughest situations.

Thus, I offer applause to Obama for selecting the highest pedigree of staff and cabinet members who will not only offer insight, but challenge Obama daily to think in new ways.

A politician intentionally challenging himself by surrounding himself with the brightest minds available and not just picking political cronies: now that’s change.

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