I want to traverse every continent.
I want to be a mother.
I want to go to graduate school.
I want to meet a new person every day.
I want to learn new languages.
I want to volunteer a year of my life overseas.
I want to live more in the moment.
I want to see an end to all of these wars.
I want to vote for someone without cringing.
I want to live on a beach.
I want to always have my toes buried in the sand.
I want to learn how to bartend.
I want to sing a solo in front of a large audience.
I want to stand up for myself.
I want to know what I want.
I want unconditional love.
I want to teach.
I want to learn how to swing dance.
I want to design an advertisement that is placed in Times Square.
I want to eat sushi in Japan.
I want to drink wine in France.
I want to retreat into the forest.
I want to be a writer.
I want to be a physicist.
I want to change the face of advertising.
I want the world to take one collective deep breath and smile.
I want to be accepted unconditionally by those I love.
I want to be continuously challenged.
I want to earn every grey hair on my head.
I want to publish a book of poetry.
I want to write more often.
I want to be more honest.
I want to be more open.
I want to trust myself.
I want to meet myself when I was 14.
I want to let go of my inhibitions.
I want to dance every day.
I want to slosh through puddles.
I want to know who I am.

I love the rain.
I love how the grass looks greener on cloudy days.
I love the sound of laughter.
I love thunderstorms.
I love swimming.
I love the smell of chlorine on my skin.
I love the taste of salt water.
I love the sound of crickets.
I love catching fireflies and setting them free.
I love creaky old porches.
I love fresh baked brownies.
I love friends who save you from yourself.
I love the middle of the night.
I love the feeling of safety a hug gives.
I love unexpected calls from old friends.
I love the kindness of strangers.
I love the sincerity of friends.
I love learning something new.
I love lazy afternoon naps.
I love the mix of body odor, deodorant, and cologne left on a pillow.
I love water balloon fights.
I love cozy, worn sweatshirts.
I love the acoustics of my shower when I sing.
I love professors.
I love roller coasters.
I love metaphors.
I love sarcasm.
I love animals.
I love grandparents.
I love love, even when it does not love me.
I love nature.
I love driving down open roads.
I love the tranquility of having no one know where you are, save whoever is there.
I love lying on my back and staring at the stars.
I love rum.
I love the theatre.
I love leaving the house without a destination.
I love staying up all night watching movies with a friend.
I love me.

I believe the only thing worth fighting for is love.
I believe hate is taught.
I believe love is instinctual.
I believe trust is fragile.
I believe in mutual appreciation.
I believe we are all divine.
I believe we do not understand divinity.
I believe we are all stronger than we think we are.
I believe in the power of meditation.
I believe the sun should never set upon an argument.
I believe you can learn all you need to know about someone by truly looking in their eyes.
I believe forgiveness is harder than it seems.
I believe in giving everyone a chance.
I believe society limits our perceptions of ourselves.
I believe love is inexplicable.
I believe in the inexplicable.
I believe auto-pilot should be reserved for planes.
I believe that friends are family, too.
I believe that awkward moments can be the most enlightening.
I believe that you may not always say what you mean, but you always mean what you say.
I believe love is not limiting.
I believe love is unconditional.
I believe in hope, for it is sometimes all we have.
I believe we should follow what intrigues us most.
I believe forgiveness is too rare of a commodity.
I believe in promises.
I believe in soul mates.
I believe that every morning is a blessing.
I believe that every alarm clock should be trashed.
I believe in the power of a thought.
I believe we all deserve the benefit of the doubt.
I believe we all need more affection.
I believe we’re forced to grow up too fast.
I believe in cherishing the time we spend alone.
I believe that bubble baths and hugs are all the therapy we need.
I believe we doubt ourselves too much.
I believe I am beautiful inside and out.
I believe in comfort foods.
I believe in me.

I am a perennial student.
I am an angst fueled poet.
I am a volatile lover.
I am an unwavering friend.
I am stubborn.
I am persistent.
I am lazy.
I am driven.
I am confused.
I am a procrastinating perfectionist.
I am content with my own insanity.
I am bubbly.
I am moody.
I am sensitive.
I am uncensored.
I am feisty.
I am affectionate.
I am talkative.
I am one who states the obvious.
I am vague.
I am strategically forgetful.
I am a drug-free hippy.
I am fond of irony.
I am perpetually lost in my own thoughts.
I am guilty of my innocence.
I am insatiable.
I am driven by my heart.
I am weary of logic.
I am apprehensive of change.
I am appreciative of suprises.
I am my own walking contradiction.
I am true to my perceived self.
I am slow to trust and slow to heal.
I am quick to fall and quick to love.
I am my best friend and my worst enemy.
I am stronger than I think.
I am not who I was.
I am not who I will be.
I am me.

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