Do you know what you stand for? Does your audience believe you?

These two questions plague individuals and organization alike. The need for clear communication that transcends mere awareness and invokes true understanding is paramount for the development and equity of any brand.

From a mission statement to a tweet, a brand deserves a holistic messaging approach. To this end, I am a communications and marketing professional with over a decade of progressive experience managing brands and their campaigns, from 140 characters to 100+ pages.

I am champion for brands and a wordsmithing wizard with a never-ending pool of energy to get the job done. I’ve trekked through the dungeon of SEO and returned with increased sales and viewership.

When I’m not communicating professionally or delving into a video game, I dabble in writing poetry, some of which can be found on this site. If you’re brave enough, please stay a while and read a few. 🙂