a true poet from birth
and a nerd to the core
for whatever it’s worth
I implore you: read more

a bachelors in comm
at the top of my class
I can remain aplomb
while addressing en masse

a quick word smith by day
dungeon crawler by night
for the thicker the fray
then the more I delight

a smart tweeter who knows
the best words to ration
and a life log that shows
my work is my passion

a mindful protector
of the image of brands
my words the director
a PR lay on hands

a designer obsessed
with tracking and kearning
for perfection’s my quest
and I’m always learning

a smooth copywriter
for every proposal
my keyboard the fighter
I’ve at my disposal

a strong leader of teams
and two guilds, I confess
and for hundreds of streams
I gave eSports my best

in each media plan
and streams I promoted
for the gamer and fan
my words were devoted

and what fault should I tame?
I fear I must mention
that I just lost the game
but won your attention

thus the quest that I seek
and my true vocation
is to reach every geek
with communication

so if you’re still reading
and it seems that you are
let’s schedule a meeting
for I’m not very far


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