Dearest timid Fluttershy, thank you. For all your endearing exercises into feeble enthusiasm, thank you. The cumulative adorableness of you and your cohorts on My Little Ponies has awakened my inner 5-year-old in a way that is most treasured.

While I wish this conception of My Little Ponies has been around when I was a child, I question if I would have appreciated its intricacies at the time. Melding simplistic narratives with more character depth than found on the average network reality show, My Little Ponies is surprisingly touching and memorable in a way one would not presume from a quick glance at the website.

Thus, while factions may form over which pony is found favorite, my loyalties lie with the endearing, optimistic, and timid Fluttershy. Hopefully, high quality renditions of her will be available for purchase at Comic-Con in San Diego this upcoming week so that I may have a tangible testament to my affection for her…yay.

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