Bunnies. A rainbow of bunnies.

They seem awfully unnatural in this state, pet perfectly acceptable and delicious in confectionary forms. Who would question twice nomming off the head of a perfectly purple candy bunny, aside from those watching their blood sugar levels or their current belt notch?

And yet, a real bunny after a short visit to the salon to prepare for the first rave of spring, is so alarming, yet oddly endearing. Oh bunnies, thank you for being the sweet, yet oddly marketed, sign that spring is on its way.

Although, I must add that if you happen to be an individual considering adopting a bunny to bring home to the little ones for Easter, please, for the love of carrots:  take the adoption seriously. If I find your bunny abandoned, I will find you and dye your hair all shades of Easter egg horrors. Thank you.

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