If you were your own clone, how would you know?

Think about it for a minute. Imagine that Original You met an untimely demise, and the powers that be wanted you back. They wanted you back so much so, in fact, that they utilized your remnants to create a clone.

Upon Clone You awaking, you are met by a group of happy faces. Each of them tells you how happy they are that you awoke from your coma, and that you survived the tragic incident that befell you.

Would you be the wiser?

If they were unable to recreate your memories, could they not supply countless photos and records from the life of Original You, telling Clone You that you suffered irreparable memory loss due to the tragic event. Then, any sense of confusion regarding your identity that you have would feel nothing more than what you are told is expected to feel when experiencing complete amnesia.

Conversely, if the memories were fully transferred, would they feel correct? Would they feel natural? Or, would there be a lingering doubt as to their origin, their significance, or their location within your mind? Would the emotions you have attached to those memories feel valid?

If all is normal and even the memories feel right, how would you learn that you are not an original? What would spare you from the illusion? As it is, we are but references of our parents and our experiences. If we become a reference of a compilation of references, would we lose our definition? Would we lose our purpose in the translation?

Would our experiences be any more muted for the wear? Or would the fresh copy be more vibrant than the original?

Would we even know that we didn’t have a soul?

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