What road are you on?

Where are you headed? How will you get there? Are you following your heart, or a map given to you by someone else? Does your road meander playfully, or pierce straight into the distance?

What is on your horizon? Do you see the sky in its brilliant glory, or the looming skyscraper of a borrowed ambition? Can you see your destination, or is it always just out of view?

Is it really your destination, or is it merely 2 steps beyond your predecessor’s? Are you racing to get there, or taking your time? Would you pick up a hitch hiker, or leave them in the dust?

Are you allowing yourself to explore alternate paths? Have you even taken note of the alternate paths?

Wherever you’re going, and however you get there, remember three things:

  1. Throw out your map, and you’ll never be lost.
  2. Carpool, and you’ll find joy…even in traffic.
  3. Forget your destination, and you’ll find it around every bend.

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