Dear sweet pajamas:

Kindly allow me to express my undying love for you. Yes, you. Even though you are not mine, you have the uncanny ability to lower blood pressure, induce marvelous dreams, and put a contented smile upon my face.

How could pajamas be so omnipotent, you ask?  It’s simple. Imagine, for a moment, you are wearing your coziest pair of pants, pajama or otherwise. Imagine yourself snuggled on your sofa, whilst wearing these pants, and snuggled with a pillow pet and a fleece blanket. Are you getting the picture yet?

Now, imagine that those marvelous pants aren’t yours. No, no, do not gasp in dismay. For, instead of being yours, they belong to your dearest loved one, who is not home yet. These pants, these illegally comfortable pajama pants, are a heartwarming link between you and your love.

Given to you lovingly on a cold night, or perhaps stolen from the loved one’s dresser while the house is empty, these pajama pants now are much more than the mere cozy comfort they provide. They are reassurance blanketing you. They are a reminder that all is well in the world and that the person who first owned these pants will be home soon.

Yes, these pants are far more than pants. They possess the emotional improvement capabilities of Nutella. Yes, I said it. I love you, pajama pants!

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  • Jorja July 22 2011

    It’s wonerdful to have you on our side, haha!

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