On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, Primus Golf Academy will be hosting a Mizuno Fitting Day at our indoor golf facility in Wildomar, California. The event will last from noon till 5pm.

During the event, golfers will receive one on one sessions with professional Mizuno Club Fitters. In the session, golfers and their swing statistics will be measured and analyzed to determine the ideal golf club composition for them. Sessions will last 30 minutes, and golfers are encouraged to book their session in advance by calling Primus Golf Academy at (951) 696-4499.

The professional club fitters at both Mizuno and Primus Golf Academy believe that while the basic fundamentals of the golf swing are universal, each individual swing is unique. Thus, it is key for golfers to have a professional club fitting to ensure that their golf clubs are fit to their particular swing and needs. In this endeavor, Mizuno’s industry leading Custom Fitting Program is the ultimate in personalization.

The Mizuno Performance Fitting System at Primus Golf Academy is the most complete and easiest to use system in the industry. The system features an array of interchangeable heads and shafts to provide all the necessary tools to conduct a superior fitting. As such, golfers who attend the Mizuno Fitting Day at Primus Golf Academy will enjoy an intuitive and comprehensive custom club fitting.

To ensure that golfers choose the correct shaft for their swing, the Mizuno Performance Fitting System at Primus Golf Academy features the revolutionary Shaft Optimizer, a device that quickly records five critical data points that make up one’s Swing DNA. Specifically, the device measures Clubhead Speed, Swing Tempo, Toe Down, Kick Angle, and Release Factor to precisely identify the components that are perfectly suited to a golfers’ individual swing characteristics.

Simply, Mizuno feels that their Performance Fitting System with the revolutionary Shaft Optimizer tool is sure to make an immediate improvement in any player’s game. As such, Primus Golf Academy looks forward to the opportunity to offer a Mizuno Fitting Day on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 from noon till 5pm.

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