Primus Golf Academy
is pleased to announce that it will be joining the Titleist Fitting Network. With the latest Titleist Fitting Cart on the way,Primus Golf Academy will soon be conducting precision Titleist fittings at the Primus Golf Fitting Studio.  Equipped with Trackman, the launch monitor trusted by the PGA, the Primus Fitting Studio will offer Titleist fans an exclusive opportunity to be fitted by industry professionals using the best technology available.  Likewise, with TPI Certified pros on staff, golfers will be able to enjoy the Titleist fitting experience locally.

Why get fit? It’s simple. Titleist and Primus Golf both believe that when golfers are offered a wide range of fitting options, that they will be able to optimize driving performance, make their short game more precise, and fine-tune their overall set composition.

The Titleist SureFit System features interchangeable heads and shafts, allowing Primus Golf Club Fitting Specialists to help golfers find the perfect combination to promote more center face impact with the driver as well as proper ball-turf impact with irons.  Additionally, the wedge fitting process in the Titleist SureFit System helps golfers determine the best combination of loft, bounce, and sole grind for their particular swing.

Gone are the days of guesswork.  Get the most out of your gear and lower your score with a Titleist Fitting Session at Primus Golf Academy. Call (951) 696-4499 for details.

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