I am rather pleased to report that Primus Cable’s new website was launched today! It’s available for your viewing pleasure at www.PrimusCable.com. Kindly forgive any lacking areas, as it is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, I am quite happy with it thus far. The eCommerce solution we’ve used is extremely versatile, albeit occasionally confounding. I look forward to fully populating all of its pages with cross linking references. The essential structure in place, so it’s only a matter of time for the rest!

Whilst dreaming of the possibilities yet to come, I can’t help but wonder when and how I might fully integrate a WordPress blog into the equation. While the eCommerce end of the solution is quite intuitively designed with exceptional integration features, the content management portion of the software package leaves something to be desired. While visually appealing banners will remain an essential component in announcing new product launches, pixels are not exactly SEO savvy. As such, it will be crucial to implement a well integrated blog moving forward. I look forward to dabbling in WordPress and the many, many available Word Press plugins again!

Alas…that is all for now. It’s time for dinner! :)

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