Progress. Movement. Why is it that more of it necessitates more of it, and makes lack of it feel all the more as though movement is backwards?

Neutral becomes negative. Positive becomes not positive enough. We’re more pressed for movement, and feel ever the more as though there is none at all.

It’s all relative, and our perceptions are limited. The need for movement is an addiction. Our tolerance goes up. We require more.

The more we move the less we feel it. Neutrality becomes unbearable. We spiral down the rabbit hole and still feel above ground.

Or is it that we’re trying more and moving less? Is it that the continuous static or even perhaps dwindling efforts seem more daunting over time?

Either way, we are not standing still. Even if we progress backward, it’s with a new perspective and a stronger desire to move forward. We’re never static, even when we feel we are.

And yet, I cannot help but feel as though I am treading sand.

Alas, whether we’re moving forward or moving back, it’s movement nonetheless.

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