can you taste the coming wind
can you drink my sultry past
for before you I have sinned
and you will not be my last

can you taste temptation here
can you match my appetite
for without you I must fear
yet another lonely night

can you taste the innocence
I discarded on the way
for I’m sitting on the fence
of indecency today

can you taste the aftermath
of pleasures yet to come
for I’m headed down your path
and expecting to get some

can you taste my dreams tonight
can you make them all come true
for although it isn’t right
I would love to ravage you

can you taste my burning thirst
can you quench me hard and fast
for although you weren’t my first
I’d enjoy you as my last.


Tagged: sin, taste , temptation , thirst

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  • Tish July 22 2011

    God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to figure this out.

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