[ Lost and Found ]

nowhere to be seen
nowhere to be found
it can only mean
no one is around

nothing to be said
nothing to be heard
lay alone in bed
never say a word

no one left to hate
no one left to love
hanging by the fate
dangling from above

nowhere left to go
nowhere left to hide
fate can only know
it just won’t confide

nothing can be done
nothing can be whole
when the aching’s won
burning in your soul

no one left to dare
no one left to try
to pretend they care
when you start to cry

nowhere left to learn
nowhere left to see
for with every turn
you’re facing misery

nothing left to say
nothing left to dream
tearing every day
slowly at the seam

no one left who cared
no one left who tried
no one who even dared
to be there when you cried

no one left who lied
no one left untrue
for the times you cried
I was still with you

nothing left to say
nothing left undone
for with every day
slowly you have won

nowhere left to hide
nowhere left to run
for the times they lied
truth has just begun

nowhere to be seen
no one is around
nothing else can mean
you’ve been lost and found

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