[ Bottles ]

bottled in self doubt
neither side can win
wait till it runs out
till the thread wears thin

see a little clearer
into the empty past
break another mirror
so the luck will last

lose a little smile
to the edge inside
so it’s been a while
still the secret hides

buried years of pain
find the light once more
time thrown away in vain
showing at the door

when it all ceases
just the pain flows in
picking up the pieces
nowhere to begin

just pour it away
in bottles for the past
face another day
hoping it will last

face another year
with bottles growing thin
letting go a tear
neither side can win

gaze a little longer
into the past well hid
never growing stronger
open the bottle’s lid

feel a searing pain
with every bottled drop
begging in the rain
for it to never stop

lose another sorrow
as the bottles break
facing tomorrow
for what you cannot take

fall again to dreams
soaked with cloudy blue
even though ti seems
they just might come true

find a bottle open
remember what was there
lost dreams forgotten
without a single care

into the bottle cry
without a single tear
asking reasons why
to go on every year

shove it in the past
with every lid to seal
maybe it will last
so the wounds will heal

bottles on a shelf
growing dust with age
reminders to myself
with every passing page

someday I will cry
with sorrow at the door
and I will say goodbye
to bottles ever more


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